We are Saudi team, passionate about growth and knowledge, specialized in Market Research and Data Analysis, understanding the Saudi market's needs and interests. We started in January 2014 with 1.000.000 SAR capital with non-stop passion.

We are proud to be the first company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in Market Research and Data Analysis operating by Saudi team who has previous experience in Marketing Research from an international background.

We believe that a thousand-mile journey starts with a dream. That the Saudi youth energy is unique and creative.  


We started the project with a dream of reaching local and international leadership in the market research domain, which got crafted into a vision, the idea into reality, process into a message. 
Our message being consumer care by eliminating weaknesses and necessity gaps at companies and firms. To make a difference through quality services that suit our clients’ needs.

Non-stop dreaming.

We work smartly and never stop developing

We are available in 24 cities across Saudi Arabia

Our headquarter is located in Riyadh, In addition, field offices in Jeddah, Khobar and Dubai.

We work

  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Quality




    Who we are:

    As a passionate, energetic and innovative organization, our mission is to deliver high-quality, data-driven “Insight” for our customers, contribute to the welfare and quality of life of our community, while providing a  professional work environment that rewards and engages its people to achieve their career goals.

    What we stand for:

    We take pride in our unique capabilities, innovative approach, adoption of state of the art technologies and deep cultural understanding to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, helping them unlock their full potential. 
    We treat our employees, customers, partners, data providers and wider community with respect and adhere to the highest level of ethical standards and integrity in everything we do.
    We are committed to creating sustainable value for our clients and stakeholders, and being an active contributor to the National Vision.


To be the trusted advisor providing high quality decision support services and insight to the leading organizations in the GCC region.


  • Img

    The child Yazan was crying loudly for his favorite milk but was ignored by his father. His mother sent the driver to get the milk, but he returned after a long time and brought a different flavor, which made the child even sadder. The child's father then sent one of his employees to bring the milk, but he failed too. The mother asks her child what specific flavor he wants “Strawberry milk!” he answered. “I told you from the very start, but you weren't listening”.

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    This conversation took place in uncle Assem’s presence, who started wondering: What if the child Yazan was a customer himself, and his parents were companies that were not able to understand what their customer required? What if the father was the non-caring company and the mother was the caring one? Is it possible to turn a non-caring company into a caring one by evaluating the customer’s needs and requirements? Maybe we can provide strategic solutions to companies by focusing on and defining the real issues.

  • Img

    This chain of thoughts evoked uncle Assem’s interest and went to search engines on the internet to seek answers. He discovered that there is an established science called Marketing Research which is specialized in defining and evaluating marketing issues. After a long journey of search, he found out that many international companies depend on these marketing research as an important input to their growth. He then decided to serve the Kingdom’s firms by programs, led initiating market research by a Saudi team that best understands the Saudi market, its people, and their needs.

DRC Solutions

Not Sure about the strength of your brand? We can discover your costumer’s impression about it We create a clear basis for your brand

Does product needs development? We collect data and evaluate the product's concept We define needs, measure and understand the buying intent

Suffering from weak/inefficient marketing? We increase sales by evaluating advertising campaigns We help you direct your marketing investments into the right direction

Not sure whether or not your customers/clients are satisfied with your product/service? We enhance your customer’s relationship with you and your brand We help you take your customers to the satisfaction level you desire

* Customer Satisfaction * Loyalty Research (CRM, ERM) * Mystery Shopping Research * Brand Health Research * Brand Equity Research * Usage & Attitude Research * Tracking Research * Copy Testing Research (Pre /Post) * Opinion Poll

Research Solutions By Sectors

Customer Satisfaction, Mystery Shopping, Concept Testing

Shopper’s Experience Improvement

Patients’ and Workers’ Satisfaction

Brand Preference and Technological Trends

Parents’ and Teachers’ Satisfaction

Stakeholders’ Satisfaction

* Market Sizing * Demand Dynamics * Supply Dynamics * Pricing Analysis * Competition Analysis * Segmentation Analysis * Distribution Channels * Market Strategy * Feasibility Studies

Our Services

  • Data Collecting

    The Digital Research Company has assigned a team specialized in data collecting, consisting of 250 interviewers including males and females from different areas in the Kingdom.

  • Analysis

    At DRC, we don’t just perform data-driven analysis, but we also try to read beyond. Through sampling operations to data integrity to results that contribute to our clients’ clear understanding, we tailor the whole process to suit our clients’ needs.

  • Qualitative Analysis

    Exploratory research's ultimately unveiled ideas. How, why and what is behind consumers’ purchase decision making. In-depth studies are conducted to uncover consumer behavior in various situations, their values and their relationship with your products or services.

  • Quantitative Analysis

    In this type of research, we can choose assumptions and get clear-cut conclusio ns on conceptual ideas, products, and services. Through qualitative research, you can obtain valuable information that contributes to increasing your business revenue significantly.

  • Reports

    Based on the findings, research reports must include a suggested course of action. Most strategic decisions depend on the findings of these studies. So an action plan that makes the difference is something that every business entity aspires to receive.

  • Researches on Advertising Campaigns

    ​Researches on Advertising Campaigns

  • Pricing Research

    ​Pricing Research

  • Data Science Lab

    Being experts in The Big Data and Data Analytics, DRC can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis

DRC Team


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